Female fighter - Blockout

General / 11 May 2021

Making this character for some motion capture - combat animations. 

The goal is to create her with well developed body and relatively strong facial features but still feminin. 

Also, made a small experiment with 3 different eyelid variations. Tried my best, to keep the same angle, in order to keep the same structure. Curios to know your thoughts.






2020 CC Digital Human Contest - Black Arachne - wip06

General / 30 October 2020

Last week, I've been working on the textures. Great that CC3 has also a link to substance painter as well. Also, I'm very happy to try out their substance export settings. Everything is exported in a well organized way.  The setting creates for every texture set it's own folder with proper naming. If you're getting overwhelmed with organizing your stuff, it could be very handy to use. Even if you're not using CC3.

I still feel that I need to go another pass for polishing the textures. Hopefully, I'll have enough time to do that but for now, I have to go through the most challenging part to me, which is the hair -.-

Besides the textures, I've been busy with rigging the skirt in Maya. Since my rigging and weight painting skills are very basic, I admit that it was a total disaster! xD After couple days of wasting time in trying to get a decent result, I found out that you can use the Soft cloth physics in iClone. Honestly, I'm trying it for the first time and made my mind blow how fast I got a nice result. At last, I saw a tutorial where you can import everything to Unreal with already setup shaders. Can't wait to finish everything and try that out as well


2020 CC Digital Human Contest - Black Arachne - wip05

General / 26 October 2020

Playing around with the facial expressions.


2020 CC Digital Human Contest - Black Arachne - wip04

General / 25 October 2020

Progress render in Character creator. Still busy with the hair and clothing textures 



2020 CC Digital Human Contest - Black Arachne - wip03

General / 19 October 2020

Face progress and little bit overpaint on top of the screenshots. I'm just still working on the hair

Before and after look on Character Creator. Basically, the screenshot on the left, is base mesh where I've started sculpting her face. I'm using xyz textures as a base. I'm still figuring out how to get a better picture quality on Character Creator. Looks like it's compressing all the textures, I guess for the performance. 


G-ANNA - Character #Wip04

General / 25 June 2019

Got some time to work further on my personal project. Decided to get a better result on her head before I jump on her clothing. My main focus was replacing the hair cards to get more interesting flow. Created a hair cap for the shaved hair. For the rest, some small facial tweaks to achieve younger look. 

Screenshots from Marmoset.


Pitbull work in progress

General / 09 March 2018

Naked mole-rat

General / 05 March 2018

I took an art challenge to speed sculpt a naked mole- rat.