G-ANNA - Character #wip02

Work In Progress / 04 May 2019


Decided to try out the multi channel face textures from Textures.xyz

I've projected the multi channel textures by using R3DS Zwrap  and baked them out with xNormal. Then, I've imported the displacement maps back to Zbrush and did a cleanup. 

I tried out Mari to cleanup the diffuse map and planning to polish it further in Substance Painter. 

Zwrap - projection looks pretty awesome!

Decided to step back to marvelous and re-simulate to create a bit more interesting folds for the shirt. After playing with it, I decided to adjust the pattern. I've noticed that I had several problems which made everything look a bit too messy:
- The garment in front and back of the shirt had different sizes.
- The shirt had unnecessary curved lines

Also I've learned the following tip:
- To make the clothes more lose or fitted adjust the patterns by using Shrinkage Weft and Wrap instead of resizing the pattern.   

G-ANNA - wip character

Work In Progress / 23 April 2019
For this character, I was mainly focusing in improving my workflow in Marvelous Designer. I wanted to simulate the clothes as far as possible so that I could spend a bit less time on sculpting.  To make it easier for myself, I chose and outfit that's easy to find on the internet and use it as a references. 
In the meantime I was also trying to improve the game hair creation. I've read and compared the articles on 80 level of Calvin Verhoolen and Andrew Giovannini to get the hair to this level. It's still in progress but you can see the result on the following pictures. 




Hilde Weapon Update

Work In Progress / 03 June 2018

Axe and sword work in progress

Hilde (WIP)

Work In Progress / 01 June 2018

Continuing with detailing everything.

Not sure about fur planes in combination with her hair though. Let know what you think. :)

Quick base model made with Zbrush and Marvelous Designer

Personal study in progress.

Based on the concept art of Lena Astron.

Pitbull work in progress

General / 09 March 2018

Naked mole-rat

General / 05 March 2018

I took an art challenge to speed sculpt a naked mole- rat.