The Boss - Rework
Yumi batgerel theboss render5a
Yumi batgerel theboss render1
Yumi batgerel theboss render
Yumi batgerel theboss render3
Yumi batgerel theboss render4a
Yumi batgerel theboss render2
Yumi batgerel theboss render3a
The Boss - Rework

I felt that my skills aren't growing fast enough. So, I decided to look back at the feedback notes that I've received during the events like Playgrounds and Industry workshops. Here it is, I've reworked/re-polished one of my old 3D projects, my Graduation character from the last year.

I've been working on this project for two weeks. I must say, the result has opened my eyes. I realized that once a while, it's necessary to go back to the old works that I really used to love.

Link to my old project:

Great thanks to for sharing your Substance Fabric Materials.
Thank you all for giving me an honest feedback

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